Basilius Besler c. 1613

MT0268 | Overall Size 19 x 23''

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"A Set of two vintage reproductions including Lilium Cruentum Polvanthos and Flos Solis Maior both printed 20 years ago from original antiques in the Trowbridge Archive. Basilius Besler (1561 - 1629) was a Nuremberg apothecary, chemist, healer and botanist whose magnificent etchings transformed sterile documentations of plants into stunning works of exquisite beauty. He was commissioned by Bishop Johann Konrad von Gemmingen to create engravings of all the flowers in his vast garden. As a result, Besler spent 16 years depicting each of 1,084 varieties of flowers as they bloomed throughout the four seasons, in 367 coloured plates. "

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